Brandi Milne

Brandi Milne was born and raised in the small town of Anaheim, California. Throughout her upbringing Brandi was exposed to the sounds and sights of the 1970’s, through the still pumping family 8-track as well as her mother’s wardrobe of flowing paisley. This love of the funk was later mated with a curiosity and respect for the fashion and culture of the Far East. Her artwork represents a melding of two very different genres that seem to feel curiously at home together. Brandi is a self-taught artist who makes her own rules and is not confined by what is expected. She favors beauty and aesthetic over any message or propaganda. Her favored media is acrylic and ink, but as of late has become heavily involved in hand sewing various plush creatures. She is also currently working on writing and illustrating her first book, which will be out late 2007.

Prints by Brandi Milne