Eyvind Earle

This amazing artist, born in 1916, had his first gallery showing at the tender age of thirteen in France. This 1929 exhibition was only to be the first in a lifetime of regular appearances and showings, which established him as one of the premier artists of the twentieth century. Known, in fact, as the artist of the twenty first century, he demonstrated an artistic eye, which saw far beyond that of most of his contemporaries.

In spite of this commitment to color and concepts, which exhibit a beauty rarely or never seen on Earth, Eyvind Earle® also applied his considerable talents to mainstream culture. After receiving both an Academy Award and a Canne Film Festival Award for his animated short, Toot, Whistle, Plunk, he was approached by Disney to contribute to their upcoming projects.
Over the next few years, Earle painted backgrounds for such Disney masterpieces as Sleeping Beauty, Paul Bunyon, and The Lady and The Tramp. Mere mention of these films conjures up childhood memories of fabulous worlds where animals can speak, magic can transform people and love conquers all problems. In this way, Earle’s artistic genius is shared by all of American pop culture and his influence touches even the youths and adults of other countries.

In addition to his work with Disney, Eyvind Earle® has done seminal work in painting with oils and the making of serigraphs. Earle’s work has been so well known and respected that he has taken it on successful exhibitions throughout the world.

One of his chief exhibitions was to go on tour with Norman Rockwell and other prominent American artists in 1973. His early promise fulfilled, Earle was able to maintain a leading place in American art throughout the twentieth century.

In a move that radically changed his career and hugely influenced the art world, he produced his first serigraph in 1974. Since then he has earned himself a reputation as one of the world’s foremost serigraph artists and his limited edition pieces routinely sell out and escalate in value. A serigraph is made by pushing oil through a fine screen to be imprinted on its destination surface. The serigraphs are never mass manufactured, but are kept to small numbers, which enhances their individuality and collectability. Several of his serigraphs, such as “Mystical Big Sur,” “Mendocino” and “Cachuma Ranch” portray places and scenes that can only be described as magical.

Earle’s art takes its viewer to a world akin to Monet’s Impressionist water-lilies and garden. Not in style are they the same, but in essence. Both artists’ work portrays visions of the world, which do not match the world of ordinary sight, but rather show how such an ordinary world can be transformed and viewed with a more intense and individual vision.

Prints by Eyvind Earle