Heather Watts

With lanterns, torches, halos, hell-fire, sunsets and television sets, Heather Watts brings color and character to the grainy memory of our collective history.

Unified by threads of humor, faith and fatalism, her work explores the bittersweet nature of life.  Innocence, hope & truth square off against reality, despair and illusion through the pageantry of anthropomorphic villains and anti-heroes, all rendered with an eye to what they reveal about the realities of our own world.

Watts is self-taught in the arts, but holds a Bachelor's Degree in Asian Area Studies from the University of British Columbia.  Based out of Vancouver, Canada, she has been a full-time professional artist since 2003.  Her work is exhibited and sold in galleries from California to Florida as well as abroad.

She is currently working on new paintings to be shown at The Art Gallery of Calgary in February of 2012.

Prints by Heather Watts